Felted Paper AKA Joomchi Classes

I currently offer two classes the first is a workshop which focuses on process. It's 90 minutes long. The second is a full on workshop spread over several hours and three days. 

In the class called Improv and Abstraction-Process and Play with Words and Collage, we will meet Roumanian poet/essayist/performance artist Tristan Tzara (1896-1963) of DADA fame and the incomparable composer/visual artist/John Cage (1912-1992) both visionaries whose contributions made 20th Century art what it was. We’ll put our self-judgement aside, allow chance and spontaneity enter in and let our muses guide our way through collage building using text and images +++. It’s fun, fast paced and designed to get us out of any ruts we might be in. Join for the fun and exploration.

This 1.5 hour workshop plays with what Cage called Chance Operations and what I’m calling deliberate randomness. The workshop is designed to put us a little off balance but in a way that may freshen our outlook and let us loosen up our artistic practice. Think of this work as ‘balance practice’ …whether in yoga or at the gym, or in art, the more we practice balance by being briefly off balance the stronger we become.

The cost for the workshop is $150 per person.

Felted Paper aka Joomchi on Zoom!

(If you can't take this class and have two or more friends who'd like to join, I can schedule a special class for your group.

This is an introductory to advanced course in the ancient Korean technique of joomchi or felted paper. In this context the word 'felted' means that this method of fusing papers uses some of the same hand tools and styles of manipulation that one can use in making felt from wool fiber. In both cases, the main tools are the hands and water. Having studied papermaking for several years and traveled extensively in Asia I will also talk about the uses of paper in traditional rural societies in Korea and Japan.


In this class we'll build collages without glue or other adhesives relying instead on the natural process of papermaking. Once we've worked our paper by rolling and by hand we can shape the papers into a 3 dimensional form or cast the assembled layers into strong, stiff shapes. We'll explore the options for final texture from a soft, fabric like finished product to a stiff, highly crumpled sheet. Color in your composition will come via the dyes in the long fiber papers you use or in surface design at any stage of the process ...as always color and pattern can be an important or subtle element in your composition.

Here’s how it works to adapt to Zoom:

Before class you will get a sample kit which contains pieces of joomchi that I have made and that are felted for differing amounts of time to give you a sense of the range that’s possible. This technique is all about texture! Without touching paper that’s dry and ‘complete’ you won’t know where you are going ;-) You will also get some paper surprises which you can incorporate in your project, and other supplies.

First day (2 hrs) we have lectures and demos for two hours with bathroom/coffee breaks. This includes basic information about the papers we will be using, and about the process of making felted paper.You will be working at your table while I talk. There will also be a bit of history of paper rolled into the session. Q&A as we go. We will look at books that are relevant that I have in my library.

The second day (90 minutes) we will examine your work so far as best we can. We will talk more about ways to enliven the surface, using resists and the range of aesthetic options available to you. 

The final session will likely be schedule a week after the first two sessions giving you ample time to explore felted paper processes. During the last session, (60 minutes) you can ask for feedback (kind and supportive) from me and other students ONLY if you want it. We will also talk about different methods of hanging artwork without framing, varnishes or other protective coatings, among other topics. 

After these three sessions you get further assistance from me by email if you want it for 30 days (and probably after).

Your supplies (other than basics on a list I will send) will cost you about $35 which includes at least 3 sheets of Korean Hanji paper , colors of your choice and 2 sheets of thick white mulberry kozo (Japanese paper). These are large sheets…the white kozo is 25 “ x 38 “. The Korean paper is 25” x 37”. more about this later. This paper comes from Hiromi Paper in Southern California. Unless you are joining the class from the midwest or East Coast in which case you may choose to order paper from Paper Connection. You will order directly from them and it will be shipped to you.


What comes with your registration:

PDF supplies/materials list with links to sources

PDF course bibliography

PDF course outline

Reference samples and photos

There may be more …

I have taught this course several times , but of course it was live, something we cannot do at the moment. It’s not the same as in person but I think we can get close and give you a good experience.

The cost is $500 per person. $100 deposit, nonrefundable if you cancel.. Remainder due two weeks out. Once the final payment is received you will likely not receive a refund because by this time I will have prepared for class and shipped the explanatory packet to you. If you are taking this class as part of a special group, I will try to reschedule for your group.